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BKS Entertainments Top 10 Tips for making a Partnership Bullet Proof.

My partner Norman Bradley and I go back to High School. He was a DJ/ Lyrical Genius and I was a quiet shy girl working in the local record store. Norm and his group utilized the basement to create songs and routines and after striking up many conversations I was soon helping them with promotions. We went on to do record deals and worked together of and on for many years in different capacity's of the music industry. We were always tried & true friends from Day 1.

In 2007 Norman pulled me in to work on some ventures he had going, but one venture very close to his heart was the idea of giving a platform for artist to perform. He named it Best Kept Secrets Entertainment. The idea was born from our frustrations through the years with the record industry who you know deals and seeing many deserving phenomenal artist get caught up and cut out in the industry red tape. The internet open a new opportunity and we embarked on building our Live on line Radio/Webcast Network we named BKS1RADIO.COM.

We jumped in with everything we had. We wore several hats and brought on other friends and family to help us build and before long we had a solid core team with many attributes in many areas. The secret to our success is we stick and stay. No matter how challenging things can get or the level of sacrifice or the pressure from family and friends we stay the course. The course has bumps and pit falls and sometimes goes along at a snails pace, but we keep one hand pushing along until the momentum gets back on track. The interesting thing about being in business with life long friends is you know each others history. We know the good and the bad we know the things that hurt one another. Many times we have had the back room knock out fight only to emerge into the office as consummate professionals. We learned early on to keep our in fighting in and work out our issues among ourselves. Our open communication has resolved ill thoughts and bad feelings. I have encountered very few teams in this business that are as cohesive as we are. Here is your sneak peak of "Best Kept Secrets Entertainment's Top 10 Tips for making a Partnership Bullet Proof". These are from lessons learned throughout our journey. I want you to take a look at our lessons learned to help you build a partnership that works and allows you to remain friends and have a successful emerging business.

1. Respect First and Foremost:

We learned early on we were not always going to agree. We have learned to take the emotions out of the decision and base it on facts first then gut instinct.

2. We Always Consult Each Other First:

When someone puts poison in our water we don't drink it. We openly discuss it with one another and if something is out of place we tighten it up and if not which is most of the time we know who to watch for more poison.

3. We Honor are Personal Boundaries:

Just because we have deep personal relationships we don't have to involve ourselves in each others personal business. We keep our opinions and comments to ourselves unless asked.

4. Ride or Die Mentality:

Many times in business we have to be wiling to jump out and take a risk. It is a lot easier to jump into on coming traffic if you have a team running with you bobbing and weaving and looking ahead to tell you to jump out of the way or over that upcoming obstacle. You can run a lot harder and faster with the force of a team.

5. We Share the Vision:

When things are not perfect we don't focus on the problem we focus on the Vision we have for the end result. We stay solution oriented and we don't give obstacles the power to deter us instead we use them to build.

6. We keep Evolving as a Unit:

In order to stay relevant we invest in our education and stay on top of new trends. This keeps us flexible and growing.

7. Each Member Stays in their Primary Lane:

We are a small team and we like being small, but at times we have to take on roles that may not be our area of expertise. As a team we support whoever has to take the lead and follow their direction. Through this we have grown our skill sets and increased our value to the overall operation.

8. We Stop to have Fun:

Every-team needs time to bond. Our work may take us across the country in a car for 24 hours. We need to be able to communicate and enjoy each other to just unwind from the Business and its pressures.

9. We Plan and then Execute:

When we have issues internally it's because we have failed to plan and properly prepare. When we plan out our direction we hit our goals and we stay more harmonious because we have less adverse things that go wrong.

10. We take all of the Previous 9 things above and we live by them:

Our Team is strong and if we quit our business tomorrow the friendships would still be intact. Having a shared vision for your business is imperative and having great communication is a must. Go build your killer team and we look forward to seeing you at the top.

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